Subdermal Contraception


 Nexplanon is a reversible contraceptive implant that is placed in your upper arm underneath the skin and remains active for 3 years. It is easy to place causing minimal discomfort but does require a removal procedure in 3 years. A new one may be replaced immediately at the same appointment for continuing contraception. It is very effective contraception and does not require you to remember to do anything for it to be effective.

 Nexplanon works by releasing a low level of progesterone hormone into your bloodstream that has several actions to prevent you from becoming pregnant. You should not use the Nexplanon if you have a contraindication to hormone treatments such as breast cancer or other hormone dependent cancers. The most common side effect is irregular bleeding which usually resolves after one to 2 months.

 Nexplanon is normally placed while you are on a regular period so that we are assured that you are not pregnant. If you have any questions about Nexplanon or are interested in pursuing this, speak to your health provider. More information is available at the Nexplanon website.